I have visited many places in and around my country but i have never gone to any foreign countries before. It was my long time desire but i do not have time for such a trip. I got married recently so i wanted to take my wife to a different place that we have never visited and i was very conscious visiting a foreign country this time. Therefore i started searching the best foreign country to visit. I can find many names in the list but i was not satisfied with those countries. I was looking for some beautiful and romantic place.

I asked my wife to help me in this case. We gone through the list of many places and finally we found Croatia which is a coastline country in Europe. We were impressed in the first sight itself so we decided to visit Croatia on my vacation. My wife was very happy about visiting a foreign country. She has also not visited any foreign country before. But she did not express her joy in front of me. I do not know why but it may be because we were newly married and she might have felt shy to express her excitement.